Invisalign Vs. Metal Braces: Which is better?

If you need braces, you may want to consider Invisalign instead of traditional metal braces. Unlike metal braces stuck to your teeth like magnets, the Invisalign look invisible on your teeth. Although a con of Invisalign may be that they are generally more expensive and not covered by dental insurance, there are also many benefits versus metal braces. There is much less pain involved with Invisalign, there is a slight discomfort, but once your teeth adjust to them, they are much more convenient to use. With metal braces, the pain can be unbearable, and monthly visits to the orthodontist for tightening are no fun! You have to worry about getting poked by the wires and being so sore from the painful tightening. Instead of tightening with metal braces, you simply change your Invisalign trays out every two weeks. If you are interested in a different approach to straighten your teeth, you should look for any available invisalign, chesterfield mo offices.

Another plus of Invisalign is that you can remove them when you want to eat and put them back in afterwards. With metal braces, you are unable to simply remove them, limiting what you can eat for fear of foods sticking to them and causing a mess or causing the braces to pop off. It is very difficult to floss and brush out all of the food from metal braces each time. It is much easier to brush after meals since the Invisalign trays can be removed. It is important to swish water around in your mouth after brushing to rid your teeth of any food particles that may stick to them before putting the Invisalign back in.

The next topic you might consider is the length of time it will take to straighten your teeth using Invisalign. Since metal braces are the traditional way to go, it has been around much longer than Invisalign and considered the most trusted way. But unless the teeth are severely crooked and have a lot of problems, the Invisalign may be an option for you. Metal braces cannot be removed so you are wearing them 24/7 and the Invisalign trays are removed while eating and brushing teeth each day. People may think metal braces are the surefire way to fix crooked teeth fast since they are not removed. The Invisalign trays require discipline because they must be inserted again as soon as you finish brushing to ensure you are wearing them often enough for them to work. The trays are made using a 3D scan of each individual patient’s mouth, they slowly push the teeth correctly into the right position over time.

Although Invisalign is relatively new compared to metal braces, there is much evidence to believe they are very effective in dental treatment. You may want to discuss these things with your dentist with help in deciding which method. These pros and cons may help you determine what’s best for you. Good luck and all the best.