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How Technology is changing Real Estate.

The impact of technology in our life is as clear as ever, technology has become part of us and it has been embraced in every industry known to man. Some common functions of incorporating technology in various industries and work places is making things efficient and easy to work with , incorporation of technology into real estate plays the same role as well. The technologies in real estate are capable of changing the industry as people have come to know it for the better.

Deals in the real estate industry are made though exchanging information as buyers , sellers and agents have to negotiate offers and express their points of views. The convenient way to have regular updates about a property in the market is through emails and texts but the good news is that Chatbot technology is about to change that for the better. Chatbot technology allows you to have all your real estate needs sorted through voice, you have a virtual assistant that you speak to and get what you want , for instance with AskDoss you just state what you are searching for and you will have results of properties matching your search. Generic e mails have been the order of business a decade ago where the same email was sent to masses, today the business approach being adopted is that which understands the preferences customer and tries to personalize the content sent to them.

Technology allows you to keep track of what information the customer is looking for and in real estate you are able to recommend what the customer what fits their searches and stay away from the kind of properties that they do not show interest in. Technology evolves to be better and to achieve that it has to be more sophisticated but that means that it will perform better and users will have a better experience with it. Speed of accessing the information that we need to make decisions on whether to buy or to pass on properties on the market matters a lot, through technologies such as Homespotter’s boost agents can make quick adverts on properties and customers can equally see the same.

In the past agents would have to shoulder everything concerning putting the property on the market, letting the potential buyers know about it but today most of these have been taken over by technology making the whole process less time consuming and accessible to many buyers at one time. It’s not always that the client and the agent will be in close proximity when there is a property that is to be showed. For clients like this Virtual reality is the way to go, with a headset the agent will walk them in live streaming and explain all there is to explain about the room and the client could even place if they like the property. With Augmented reality you can visualize how a space would appear and give the potential buyer of a property a picture of the same.

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