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Advantages of VoIP Phone Systems

A telephones system can be defined as a network of multi-phone lines commonly used by businesses to offer external and internal communication processes. VoIP is a popular type of phones systems used in the office. This is mainly because it provides increased productivity. Moreover, the VoIP system offers reliability for calls. The initials VoIP stand for ‘voice over internet protocol’. Thus, from the definition, it is expected that VoIP relies on the internet. Calls can be moved over the IP through VoIP, which is a new invention.

There is increased functionality availed by the recent VoIP office telephone system. The VoIP system gives choices of being a hybrid, standing on its own or it can be integrated with the PBX system. On the same note, VoIP can integrate calendar and email systems like Microsoft Outlook enabling you to click and dial an outlook contact. In addition, with such an option, you can automatically record calls that you receive and make. The fact that calls are directed through a computer network and not a telephone line provides the main difference between internet and digital telephony.

The internet is responsible for transferring a call once it is made. On reaching the user, it is transformed into a traditional format to reach the phone line. Even with international calls, the VoIP system can provide calls of very high quality. It is crucial to remember that a VoIP system reduces the cost associated with calls made from long distances. The same can be said for domestic calls which sometimes are free. This relies on the equipment that has been purchased and the type of the service provider.

Another importance of the VoIP system is that many offices can be matched to a single telephone network. As such, the internal calling charges are exempted Also, the overall expense is reduced. This is because no separate cabling installation is required when a new branch is to be opened. The existing VoIP system can offer a connection to the new branch.

Being in an office for an employee to receive a call, not a requirement because VoIP enables that. Moreover, the flexibility of VoIP system enables the employees to access it from any place. With the service of auto-attendant provided by the VoIP telephone system, a receptionist is not required. The work of directing calls to their department and playing of pre-recorded messages is done by the virtual assistant. Finally, VoIP is a multifunction system able to handle information of all kinds whether voice or data.

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