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Tips On How Mindfulness Can Help Your Pre-Employment Drug Test
Are you recovering from an addiction currently? If this is the case you can be certain that you are not alone most adults have a challenge with substance a substance abuse disorder. Recovering from substance abuse is quite difficult if you are in the job market. It is easy to constantly worry that your will relapse right before an important drug screening. This is something that many people are worried about but you shouldn’t be worried as there are remedies to this.
Mindfulness based relapse prevention is something that can make this process easy. Mindfulness based relapse is important mostly to people who are in the job market. However, if you are worried about having a relapse outlined here are some few steps that you can take before you take a pre-employment drug test.
The first step is start meditating daily. Meditations can help you to actually control your addictive thoughts. Meditating daily also helps treat the cause of your addiction such as depression or anxiety. So that meditation can be effective you need a few minutes of your day daily. Being alone with your thoughts you might feel as if it is not working but with time you are sure to see the results. If you are worried about how to start your meditation you should get apps and read journals about addition recovery.
Secondly, you need to practice urge surfing. If you want to go above and beyond meditation, you can try another mindfulness practice referred as urge surfing. This method realizes that impulses to relapsing come and go just like waves. When you are actually conscious as an addict and you feel like you need to take the drugs you should try as much as possible to resist substance abuse. This can help you ride through and resist the urge of going back to your bad habits. Research has confirmed that impulses last for only 15-20 minutes. If you can be able to avoid this urge “wave” you can beat the impulse and avoid relapse.
On to the last tip take an at home test. If you have already tried the above practices and hopefully realized that they are effective you will be ready to take any drug test that comes your way. On the other hand if you are uneasy about the practice you should try taking the test at home so that you can stop the worries. You can opt to purchase drug test, such as rapid test on a pharmacy . A drug test based at home is much accurate and can give you the red light if you are ready to be screened for any drugs.