Teeth Whitener Options and Safety

Having good oral hygiene is important to many people around the world. Many are looking for great products that will help with the freshness of their breath and the healthiness of their teeth. Although many tooth paste and at home whitening kits help with making your pearly whites stand out there are many dental options that are professional and help with giving your teeth the help needed to stand out.

Teeth bleaching is the professional in office procedure that is stronger than at home teeth whitening kits. Teeth bleaching and teeth whitener both use peroxide as their base; but the peroxide ratio in teeth bleaching is between 15 to 43 percent, while at home teeth whitening kits only contain 3 to 20 percent peroxide. The higher percentage of peroxide means that the solution does not need to exceed recommended time of use. For any teeth bleaching league city tx in the office you should know that during the process there may be the use of light, heat or the combination of both to speed up and intensify the teeth whitening process.

The results from teeth bleaching is 3 to 8 shades whiter. You will have to continue going to the dentist for 30 to sixty minute intervals unless your dentist offers a 2 hour one time appointment. Teeth bleaching in office are definitely higher than in home care by hundreds of dollars.
At home care includes teeth strips, trays, and toothpaste. They are not as strong, but the time frame is a few months and you are able to use them more often. Although overuse is not recommended. Toothpaste whiteners are the most abrasive but you are not able to leave the solution on your teeth for long enough to have a great effect. The tray based teeth whitening can be the most expensive solution for at home care, but can also be the most successful when it comes to teeth whitening at home.

Some good tips for keeping teeth white without the use of bleaching or at home whiteners are to brush, floss, and avoid large quantities of acidic foods such as black teas, coffee, white and red wine, both dark and light sodas and sports drinks to name a few. Also, you should understand that talking to your dentist before at home use is best. The over use of any whitening product will cause damage to the teeth and will make teeth sensitive. There is also a possibility to burn or bleach gums. Also, teeth whiteners are best for people with yellow teeth and might not work for anyone that has brown, green or purple teeth.

In conclusion; although having good oral hygiene is very important so the over use of any product can be very damaging. You should talk to your dentist before using any whitening treatment. The difference between teeth bleaching and whiteners are that bleaching options have a higher percentage of peroxide. Toothpaste that have whitening benefits are the most abrasive but do not stay on the teeth long enough to have a good effect.